March 06, 2007


So today was the first run in ..... i won't say how long. It felt good to get out again. The crispness of the air, the constant repeating pounding of the cement. It was great. The only thing that was harsh was the 30 mile/hour winds that kept blowing me in the face. It was colder than I expected.

I have been talking up the charity a lot over the last couple of weeks and I think I am building up a nice foundation of supporters. I already have talked more people into running the second race than the first. I have more people interested in helping out with the inner workings of the organization. I also will be starting to plan the first annual For My Father run/walk. So I have a lot of things in the works and now I have more time to focus on them.

Shameless plug.....

For all of the readers that have a blog/myspace/facebook and have put a link to this site, thank you
Everyone else, if you would like to put a link up simply go to the link to us section of this site and copy and paste the code into you page. The more links out there, the more exposure we can get.
If you have a running blog and link to us, I will gladly put a link up for you. Just let me know.

So much to do..... but everyone make sure you keep running....

December 02, 2006

marathon was a success Part 1


So this update was a little delayed but marathon day was a great success.

My brother and I spent the day before preparing for the run. We first went on our last run. A nice little run/walk to keep the legs limber. Then we went to the health and fitness expo to pick up our race packets. They feature a lot of products geared towards runners. We picked up some gear then decided to head home for a little pasta dinner.

I rested up a little bit then went to work on the race day shirts that you see in the picture above. I made 6 shirts with writing on the front and back. The front said Andrew Runs For and the back said ForMyFather.Org. I was up most of the night making the shirts and managed to get about 2.5 hours of sleep.

We got to the race start about 7:40 am and met up with my friends who were running the 8k. I also had several close friends there to help cheer us on. We briefly stretched and jogged over to the race start. I wished my brother goodluck and headed to the 3:20 gate time. I did a little more stretching among the other runners until finally the race be continued

November 18, 2006

race day tomorrow

all the time....
all the training....
to reach tomorrows race.....

..sigh ..... I just can't wait

Ill update sometime soon after the race...

to Team For My Father


November 10, 2006

The last long run.....

The last chance to get some good miles under my belt. I went out and ran an easy 18, with a nice stretch break every 6.

Lap 1 44:44 Lap 2 46:30 Lap3 48

very happy with my times. I reproduced marathon conditions during this run by using gel packs and drinking plenty of gatorade. The weather had warmed up the last few days and today was probably the hottest day I have run since the summer. I hope marathon is not this hot.

I am very excited for the race. It will be the most exposure we will have had so far. There will be 7.000- 8,000 people at the races that day. It also means I can possibly get some more people to do another race with me.

There are still a lot of people that I want to tell about this site but I understand I have many more miles before the first charity campaign is over with. I was searching the boston marathon site last night and it only increased my desire to make that the final race. What could be better than running with 22, 000 people.

Miles Logged
Today ---------18
This week ------27.6

November 04, 2006

2 weeks and a day

Last week I did an 18 miles long run. This week I managed a 6 mile run setting a new pr with 43 minutes. Then I went out for a long run on thursday and did 4 extra miles i did not have to do. A 24 mile long run....the one thing I was unhappy with last year was how i was not prepared for the last few miles. I will also be running some extra hill run so I have a little extra power hitting the hills during the marathon.

Lets get ready for marathon time.......

Miles Logged
Today ---------0
This week ------30

October 25, 2006

4 weeks to go

Did 3.6 on saturday and 10 miles on sunday. Personal record for a ten mile run at 1 hour 17 minutes. Looking at my training runs it really looks as if Ill run the marathon around a 7:45 pace with a total time of about 3 hours 20 minutes. If I can get close to this ill be happy. It will leave room for improvement before I qualify for the Boston Marathon.

I was a little worried because I didnt get a long run in last week, but I made up for it by setting the new record. This week I need to get out and do 18 miles, prob on thursday. Get a few short runs mixed in with some 6 mile runs and I'll be ready for the another week before i start resting up for the marathon.

Miles Logged
Today ---------10
This week ------10

October 15, 2006

13, 13 ,13

So on Friday I ran 13 miles not even realizing it was Friday the 13th....Good thing 13 has always been a lucky number for me. So I managed to maintain a nice 7:45 pace finishing a little after one hour and 40 minutes. My legs were really starting to tighten up by the end and my entire lower body is sore today. Sorry for such a short post but I am absolutely exhausted , I'll post again tomorrow.

Miles Logged
Today ---------13
This week ------22.6

October 12, 2006

First online donation received.....Thank You

6 miles logged today...Someone asked me ....Why did you run 6 miles today are you crazy? Most think that running such distances are crazy...But if you think about it, all I am doing is taking one step at a time.. One step at a time is not that hard...We can all take one step forward....I didnt run my first marathon by going out and running 26 miles.. I ran a mile then walked a little...and each time it got easier , so i ran further....One step at a time.....

Someone took a step today...We received our first online donation today and I will thank you personally right here...Thank you........With the bracelets out and about, people have to talk about the site and the many more bracelets to sell.......Well I must go get some rest...trying to run 13 miles in the morning........crazy

Miles Logged
Today ---------6
This week ------9.6

October 11, 2006

Crushing my records.......1 at a time

So I have been so busy lately I couldn't post until today. I went out yesterday and ran the course cutting 38 seconds off my record time. My brother made a comment to me today about how my goals are a little unrealistic......but that makes them more fun to obtain.....

I am spending some time in the next few days getting sponsorship packets together for Team For My Father so they can go out and collect donations... Still no online donations though...... :( I have been too busy to get people to sponsor me.... More running tomorrow along with more updates....

Miles Logged
Today ---------3.6
This week ------3.6

October 05, 2006

Crazy goals......can i really run that fast??????

The more I push my limits, the more mental strength I have to push even more. Today's run I managed to run almost a minute faster than the last time I ran 6 miles. I prob could have run faster.

When I start to feel the burn I hold the wristband in my hand and give it a little kiss.... lol.. Doing so gives me a little good luck. My average pace was 7:22 a mile today. Since I have been thinking a lot about breaking my records I wanted to put all my goals out there for the world to see. Each goal has a mile distance, a pace, and a time. I basically want to get as close to these as possible and break all of them by the time i run boston.......

26.2(The marathon)-------7:15 pace--------3 hours 10 minutes( to qualify for boston)
13----------------------7:00 pace--------1 hour 31 minutes
10----------------------6:45 pace--------67 minutes 30 seconds
6-----------------------6:30 pace--------39 minutes
3.6 (the original course)----6:15 pace--------22 minutes 30 seconds( this would be super fast for me)
basically if i want to run a 7:15 pace for a marathon, I better be able to run shorter distances lets see how close i can get before marathon time.....

Miles Logged
Today ---------6
This week ------16

October 03, 2006

Long run #1

So I woke up nice and early.. and started running around 9am....the sky was beautiful....a few small fluffy clouds to entertain me and lots of personal thoughts to keep me company....The first 5miles I walked just a little and did not stop at all the last five. Around mile 6 I was started to slow down a bit...cause this is the most distance I have covered in a long time.... I hit a straight away right next to a farm. The straight away ends with a slight hill that always takes a little out of me...I looked up and saw a funeral procession coming toward me....I started to run a little faster...

Running for me is nothing more than a mental battle.....I just have to find new ways to keep myself from stopping....Something will pop into my head and then the pain means nothing....I start to run faster...I am training less for this marathon than my first...but for some reason I feel really prepared....running is a little easier this time around....probably because I have better motivation.....

Miles Logged
Today ---------10
This week ------10

September 29, 2006

New personal record

Friday before work I set out very determined. I was going to run my usual 3.6 course but I was going to crush my old record of 25:54......and you know what .....I did....running an average pace of 6:59 I finished at 25:37 a new personal record. That is one recommendation that I give to all the race runners to be... set resonable goals and make sure you meet them..

I am finding out how powerful the wristbands can be... Most of the people I work with and consider friends do not realize my father passed, let alone a few months ago..The bands are a chance to tell them...I might have kept everything hush , hush when it happened but I like telling the story now. Everytime I tell the story, my father's life is renewed within me....and that makes me happy.....

Miles Logged
Today ---------9.6
This week ------13.2

September 28, 2006

7 Weeks and counting

My original plan to run a long run was foiled by a little laziness and the fact that I have to work and will be on my feet for hours. I ended up running a good , hard 6 miles. I warmed up a little extra and headed out around 130. My average pace was 7:30 and ran the six in abou 44-45 minutes. I really didnt think i was going to be able to keep the pace for that long.... I did do a little walking but for the most part my pace was 730 or less... only on a couple of hills did i hit 8. My ankle felt pretty good throughout, but then again that could be the tylenol talking....

In other news......

I mass ordered more charity wristbands. This will allow me to get some people to sell them . The more people that have a band the more good we can do... Now that the donation page is up, we will soon be going into two big publicity pushes. Just about 7 weeks to go...........

Miles Logged
Today ---------6
This week ------9.6

September 26, 2006

Birthday Run .......

So today is my birthday and I decided that I would start being 26 with a little run. My ankle had been bothering me for the last three days and no amount of stretching made it feel better. For those that do not know, I have had a bad left ankle for a year. I got some tests done and they didnt show anything. The next step is to get an mri. My ankle did not bother me too much during the run and only is a little tight right now. We will see how it takes to a little long run on thursday. Well i must go enjoy the last two hours of my bday, look for the donation page late night tomorrow.

Miles Logged
Today ---------3.6
This week ------3.6

September 22, 2006

Spreading the word

So today I ran 6 miles, the longest I have run since i started this site. It was a nice cool day and I went out around noon. I am very excited to be able to have some time to train, I just have to make sure that I dont over do it and injure my ankle again. At work I had the opportunity to tell my story again and ended up selling 8 charity bracelets and getting my second $20 dollar donation. I keep getting stories from people about how cancer has affected their life. One table had a child who had beat cancer. One table knew someone that had passed from it. Makes you think....maybe the little we do now will prevent someone else from losing a loved one......

Miles Logged
Today ---------6
This week ------10

September 21, 2006

Beautiful day for a run

So after waking up a little late, I headed out on this beautiful day to start a little Yasso's 800. For those unfamiliar with this training technique , let me explain. It is interval training where you run half mile intervals. I want to run a marathon in 3 hours and 10 minutes so I have to run my half miles in 3 minutes and 10 seconds. It trains your body for more speed than you need so when you relax the pace, things become comfortable.

I did 6 intervals and lets just say they kicked my ass.
I ran them at
3:00, 3:10, 3:20, 3:30, 3:30, 3:33
I also tried to run a little lighter on my feet and ended up pulling something in my backside, lol
I have to get comfortable with the six intervals , running them all at no more than 3:10 , then i have to make my way up to 10 intervals before the marathon.

I have already talked people into running for this charity. The first unofficial event is on November 19 in Philadelphia. They are having a marathon , half marathon, and an 8k( which is about 5 miles). If you would like more information about any of these races please go HERE
I am talking to some people about getting shirts made for the race and that information will be released as soon as it is finalized. We can use all the runners we can get.......sign ups will be coming soon.

Whenever I tell people about the training they look at me as if I am crazy.... I mean I guess I have to be a little crazy to try to cut 50 minutes off last years time...Tomorrow I look forward to a comfortable run maybe with a little weight lifting afterwards.....

Things to look for in the next week

1. Donor page
2. Selection of Charity(by sunday )
3. Online Donation up and running

Miles Logged
Today ---------4
This week ------4

September 15, 2006

25 in 2

So yesterday due to some rain issues I decided to do a little crosstraining to pass the time. A little crosstraining will help prepare me to lift weights in a week or two. Today I went out to run the usual 3.6 miles and the sky was still very cloudy. It was beautiful. I could see the sun breaking through around mile 2 and by the end of the run I was running towards blue skies.

I started the run today a little fast because I am trying to speed up my pace little by little. The first mile I was running 6:15 then went down to around 7 for mile 2. By mile 3 I was running around an 8 until the last section where I sped up once again. All in all my average pace was 7:15, the pace I need to qualify for boston. I also ran 1 minute slower than my fastest time on the course. :)

25 in 2

So on Wed I received my first order of charity wrist bands. I ordered 25 not knowing how fast I would be able to sell them. By Thursday night I had sold all 25. I sold 25 bands in 2 days. It was great to see everyone at work support this project by wearing the bands. I really enjoyed telling the story of my father to each buyer. Each person had their own story to tell about how cancer has affected their life , through friend or family member. Some people have even shown interest in doing races or doing pr work for the organization and I love it. Everything is starting to fit right into place. Now lets see how long it takes me to sell 50.......

Besides training, I spend a lot of time getting the word out about For My Father. Between talking to people and exploring ways to maximize pr, I keep myself pretty busy. Thursday night something happened that made me excited, even though it really wasn't a big deal. I have been testing some search engines just to see if the site shows up. I tried Google last night and For My Father finally showed up. The easier the site is to find, the more people I can get involved.

Enough for this entry, time for some more pr.

Miles Logged
Today ---------3.6
This week ------7.2

September 12, 2006

Feels good to be back

So today i managed to get out and run 3.6 miles after dealing with a cold for a few days. It felt good. There is definitely a high you get when it is just you and the pavement. I managed to cut a minute and a half off my time from last week running at about a 7:45/mile pace. Legs felt good today and my bad ankle did not bother me a bit.
I have several jobs and I talk about my runs at all of them. I love getting people into the sport and I love running with new people. It helps keep things fresh in my mind and helps pass a little something off to the people that start running.
At work last week , I was telling a gentleman about the fact that I have 6 jobs and that my sixth job is running my own charity. He told me that even though he did not know me , he was still proud of me. This , I guess, is why I started this journey. To pass my father's story along gives this such purpose.
I was in Philly on Friday and had the opportunity to see The Lion King. "He lives in you, he lives in me." These song lyrics made me think of my father and I got a little choked up. My father is still alive in me and that makes my work all the more important.

Miles Logged
Today ---------3.6
This week ------3.6

September 04, 2006

So it begins........

It took a little over a month... but I finally managed to put some time into getting this website off the ground. I will be updating almost everyday so please sign up for the feed to help keep me in line with my training. Today was the first day in weeks that I had been running. I missed it tremendously. My first marathon of the season will be on November 19th in Philadelphia. Last year, in the Philadelphia marathon, I managed to run a first marathon time of 3 hours and 58 minutes. This year if i want to be able to qualify for the Boston marathon I have to run 3 hours and 10 minutes. So much to do ......wish me luck

Miles Logged
Today ---------3.6
This week ------3.6