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Just a few days left

So just a few more days till the biggest event in charity history. If you are going to be running/walking on sunday dont forget that I need your $22 fee and entry form by Friday unless you have made arrangements with me. If you have not started collecting donations dont worry, I won't need them until sunday. I will be contacting everyone on Saturday to get an estimate on the amount of donations we have collected so I may figure out ACS's portion.

If you have not signed up and are still interested, contact me as soon as possible at jointeam (@) formyfather.org . We currently have between 25-30 people signed up for the race, more than I had ever hoped for.

I will have a definite location for the car pool meeting place by friday morning. We probably will meet in the parking lot of the Deptford Mall, which is only a few minutes from the NJ turnpike entrance. Just a reminder the car pool will leave at 7am.

I will be making the shirts late thursday night and you can either pick them up from me after thursday or at the race on Sunday.

3 days left .....

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