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May 13, 2007

Brian Anderson Memorial 5K

Brian Anderson Memorial 5k race. My brother decided to enter this race in memory of a close high school friend. I decided to tag along and brought two of my friends , Trish and Steph. Daniel met up with his friend Chris and the five of us were the first people at the starting line. All five of us ended up meeting our goals.
These were our goals/times

Me: Top Ten and Under 20 minutes/ 10th, 2nd in age group and a time of 19:51
Daniel: Fastest 5k yet/ 21:26 26th place
Chris: Keep up with Dan / 21:35 27th place
Steph: close to 30 min/ 29:55 150th
Trish: beat 45 min / 43:12

For some of us, it was our first 5k and I don't think it could have gone any better.

Chris , Daniel, Me, Steph and Trish at the starting line

Me Mile 2

Daniel and Chris

Me accepting my silver medal for my age group

May 12, 2007

3 Brothers at the Broad Street Run, Philly

So for our first longer run of 2007 my brothers and I decided to do the Broad Street Run in Philly on May 6. The day was absolutely beautiful with a wind on our backs the entire ten mile stretch. We got there a little late due to transit issues so we decided to take our time , get a good stretch in, and take some additional photos at the start. The race started at 830 and we crossed the start line at about 845. If you have never raced this course I highly recommend it. It is a little stressful getting to the start but it was a nice and easy run. The only problem starting 15 minutes late was having to run through thousands of people. This course is known for being the fastest ten mile course in the country and I spent most of my time running through slower runners or avoiding them by running on the sidewalk. Coming up to the finish line I actually said to myself, " Is that is", hoping for maybe a couple of additional miles. I finished with a chip time of 1:13:35 my brother Daniel with 1:25:44 and my brother Perry with a 1:28:51. We were so happy with our times and felt so proud of each other for finishing the race. Cant wait for the next race...... : )

Don Pablo's of Deptford Donates

John Scharpf, General Manager of Don Pablo's in Deptford , NJ has donated $145 to the charity. The money was collected from the coin fountain located in the dinning area of the restaurant. I would like to personally thank John Scharpf and the entire Don Pablo's team for their kindness and generousity. Mr Scharpf has even welcomed For My Father supporters to come into his restaurant for a free dip sampler sunday- thursday for the remainder of May. Thanks again Don Pablo's.