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So today was the first run in ..... i won't say how long. It felt good to get out again. The crispness of the air, the constant repeating pounding of the cement. It was great. The only thing that was harsh was the 30 mile/hour winds that kept blowing me in the face. It was colder than I expected.

I have been talking up the charity a lot over the last couple of weeks and I think I am building up a nice foundation of supporters. I already have talked more people into running the second race than the first. I have more people interested in helping out with the inner workings of the organization. I also will be starting to plan the first annual For My Father run/walk. So I have a lot of things in the works and now I have more time to focus on them.

Shameless plug.....

For all of the readers that have a blog/myspace/facebook and have put a link to this site, thank you
Everyone else, if you would like to put a link up simply go to the link to us section of this site and copy and paste the code into you page. The more links out there, the more exposure we can get.
If you have a running blog and link to us, I will gladly put a link up for you. Just let me know.

So much to do..... but everyone make sure you keep running....

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