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marathon was a success Part 2

....as the race started , I just thought of everything that lead me up to that point....family and friends and all the people who i told my story to. From the start my pace was a little slower than I had wanted but my main goal was to complete the entire marathon without stopping once.

Around mile 5, I met up with a manager from one of the restaurants I work at... He had started closer to the start and it took the first five miles to catch up to him. We chatted for a minute then I went on my way.

Wearing the shirt, made all the difference this year. People called out my name and cheered me on and when people yelled out that I was running for my father , I did get a little choked up. There was not a moment during the race that I did not think of my father. Throughout the race, I managed to tell a couple people my story. One gentleman said , " now that is a good reason to run".

Approaching the last turn around point at mile 20, I was really starting to feel the burn. All i wanted to do was stop.... The crowd at that point was amazing....cheering and yelling.... and for a few feet I speed up, lol, but only for a few....All the training had led me to this point. 6 miles to go.

During the last six miles, I ran through some water stops because I did not want to slow down at all.. I was already behind schedule...When I finally reached the last curve, I mustered my last bits of strength and started to pick up my pace. 100 yards from the end , a gentleman came up to my left and starting inching a head of me. I said , " i dont think so". He started picking up pace forcing me to do the same... It was a full on sprint to the finish line....The announcer started cheering us on....I have run Philly twice and each time I sprint to the end..... 3 hours and 36 minutes of continuous nonstop running..... My friends met me at the end... one said that he could just not comprehend what i had just done....

I waited around for my brother to finish....I was so proud of him. This is a picture of him a few feet from the finish line.....I inspired him to do it... and we both did it together...I could not have had a better feeling. For those that are thinking about doing a marathon......please do it...and the most important thing to remember when crossing the finish line is to remember the journey that got you there....


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