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December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

So this picture was taken last year on christmas.....He would always come down in his robe and with his long tube socks up to his knees.. Why do people wear socks like that, and at what age will I start liking that style..lol.....
My father loved christmas because he loved to see his family so happy. When my brother and I opened our presents, he had almost as much amazement as us kids because my mother did the majority of the shopping. He would get several nice presents for my mother and my mom would make jokes about whether he had wrapped them himself.
I remember the feast that would follow later in the day... My father would take care of the turkey and it would always come out perfect.....We would all eat a little bit too much and I would usually go take a nap..... such good memories
This year I am spending christmas with mother and brother...a nice small christmas.... and even though this is the first christmas without him.....I know my father will be there to join in on the fun, tubesocks and all....

From everyone at ForMyFather

Merry Christmas and have a safe holiday

marathon was a success Part 2

....as the race started , I just thought of everything that lead me up to that point....family and friends and all the people who i told my story to. From the start my pace was a little slower than I had wanted but my main goal was to complete the entire marathon without stopping once.

Around mile 5, I met up with a manager from one of the restaurants I work at... He had started closer to the start and it took the first five miles to catch up to him. We chatted for a minute then I went on my way.

Wearing the shirt, made all the difference this year. People called out my name and cheered me on and when people yelled out that I was running for my father , I did get a little choked up. There was not a moment during the race that I did not think of my father. Throughout the race, I managed to tell a couple people my story. One gentleman said , " now that is a good reason to run".

Approaching the last turn around point at mile 20, I was really starting to feel the burn. All i wanted to do was stop.... The crowd at that point was amazing....cheering and yelling.... and for a few feet I speed up, lol, but only for a few....All the training had led me to this point. 6 miles to go.

During the last six miles, I ran through some water stops because I did not want to slow down at all.. I was already behind schedule...When I finally reached the last curve, I mustered my last bits of strength and started to pick up my pace. 100 yards from the end , a gentleman came up to my left and starting inching a head of me. I said , " i dont think so". He started picking up pace forcing me to do the same... It was a full on sprint to the finish line....The announcer started cheering us on....I have run Philly twice and each time I sprint to the end..... 3 hours and 36 minutes of continuous nonstop running..... My friends met me at the end... one said that he could just not comprehend what i had just done....

I waited around for my brother to finish....I was so proud of him. This is a picture of him a few feet from the finish line.....I inspired him to do it... and we both did it together...I could not have had a better feeling. For those that are thinking about doing a marathon......please do it...and the most important thing to remember when crossing the finish line is to remember the journey that got you there....


December 02, 2006

marathon was a success Part 1


So this update was a little delayed but marathon day was a great success.

My brother and I spent the day before preparing for the run. We first went on our last run. A nice little run/walk to keep the legs limber. Then we went to the health and fitness expo to pick up our race packets. They feature a lot of products geared towards runners. We picked up some gear then decided to head home for a little pasta dinner.

I rested up a little bit then went to work on the race day shirts that you see in the picture above. I made 6 shirts with writing on the front and back. The front said Andrew Runs For and the back said ForMyFather.Org. I was up most of the night making the shirts and managed to get about 2.5 hours of sleep.

We got to the race start about 7:40 am and met up with my friends who were running the 8k. I also had several close friends there to help cheer us on. We briefly stretched and jogged over to the race start. I wished my brother goodluck and headed to the 3:20 gate time. I did a little more stretching among the other runners until finally the race began..............to be continued