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The last long run.....

The last chance to get some good miles under my belt. I went out and ran an easy 18, with a nice stretch break every 6.

Lap 1 44:44 Lap 2 46:30 Lap3 48

very happy with my times. I reproduced marathon conditions during this run by using gel packs and drinking plenty of gatorade. The weather had warmed up the last few days and today was probably the hottest day I have run since the summer. I hope marathon is not this hot.

I am very excited for the race. It will be the most exposure we will have had so far. There will be 7.000- 8,000 people at the races that day. It also means I can possibly get some more people to do another race with me.

There are still a lot of people that I want to tell about this site but I understand I have many more miles before the first charity campaign is over with. I was searching the boston marathon site last night and it only increased my desire to make that the final race. What could be better than running with 22, 000 people.

Miles Logged
Today ---------18
This week ------27.6

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