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24:24 new record

I ran a new 3.6 mile course record on tuesday with a time of 24:24. Today I managed to get out and pound out a nice 6 with a time of 44 minutes. Tomorrow will be the last long run before the race and I will be doing 18 miles. I feel so much more prepared this year... I just have to keep my confidence up through the light miles over the next week.

As of today I have
3 people( including myself) running the full marathon
2 running the 8k race
hopefully a handful attending to give their support.

Last year I had one person attend and it meant so much to me to have someone there cheering me on.... This year my brother is running and Ill be able to cheer him on.....

I invite everyone to come out to the philadelphia marathon/ 8k on November 19th to give their support for Team For My Father in their first major fundraising event......The marathon starts at 8 and the 8k starts at 830

Miles Logged
Today ---------6
This week ------9.6


My father is fightind leukemia.So i was glad to hear of this site.It is nice to know there are people out there who will run or walk just to help.Even though i am not in the best of shape,i will be at the next run and try to make as meny as i can after.My dad has no idea how much i wish i could take his pain from him.He also suffers from three herneated disc's in his back.So his pain is greater then he would expect it to be at time's.I wish there was something more i could do.I sometimes cry because i know one day this ugly "thing" will take him before his time and i wont handel it well.I am one of ten kids but i still some how feel alone when it comes to when my dad wont be here.i hope there will be a cure so some ones dad can be cured of this even if its not mine.I am greatful for this site.Thank you Andrew.

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