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Story #1 The Strong One

IMG_1425Copying.jpg This is the last picture that I took of my father. He is standing with my brother and mother , on my brother's graduation day. We had to push him around in a wheelchair because he had gotten so weak. He did not let my mother know how sick he really was because he didn't want to miss my brother's graduation for anything....It just meant too much to him...That is how I always knew my father....The strong one..If there was a task at hand he would complete it no matter what obstacles were in his way........

Up until a month before this picture, I couldnt remember the last time my father said he was in pain. This picture was taken in May and my father worked full time up until April...He was 72 when he passed and he worked crazy hours for the majority of his life.....He always wanted to provide for his family..always going without so that his children could have.......He fought his battle to the very end, even after he had accepted his fate, because he wanted to take care of us all...............To Be Continued........


what a great picture!

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