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Long run #1

So I woke up nice and early.. and started running around 9am....the sky was beautiful....a few small fluffy clouds to entertain me and lots of personal thoughts to keep me company....The first 5miles I walked just a little and did not stop at all the last five. Around mile 6 I was started to slow down a bit...cause this is the most distance I have covered in a long time.... I hit a straight away right next to a farm. The straight away ends with a slight hill that always takes a little out of me...I looked up and saw a funeral procession coming toward me....I started to run a little faster...

Running for me is nothing more than a mental battle.....I just have to find new ways to keep myself from stopping....Something will pop into my head and then the pain means nothing....I start to run faster...I am training less for this marathon than my first...but for some reason I feel really prepared....running is a little easier this time around....probably because I have better motivation.....

Miles Logged
Today ---------10
This week ------10

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