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First online donation received.....Thank You

6 miles logged today...Someone asked me ....Why did you run 6 miles today are you crazy? Most think that running such distances are crazy...But if you think about it, all I am doing is taking one step at a time.. One step at a time is not that hard...We can all take one step forward....I didnt run my first marathon by going out and running 26 miles.. I ran a mile then walked a little...and each time it got easier , so i ran further....One step at a time.....

Someone took a step today...We received our first online donation today and I will thank you personally right here...Thank you........With the bracelets out and about, people have to talk about the site and the cause...so many more bracelets to sell.......Well I must go get some rest...trying to run 13 miles in the morning........crazy

Miles Logged
Today ---------6
This week ------9.6


Nice that you would Thank the individual for the 1st Donation.., but how about a bit of sentiment as well, i.e. Name, amount, and perhaps a reference to your Father. pls, just want to help, best to you.

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