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Crushing my records.......1 at a time

So I have been so busy lately I couldn't post until today. I went out yesterday and ran the course cutting 38 seconds off my record time. My brother made a comment to me today about how my goals are a little unrealistic......but that makes them more fun to obtain.....

I am spending some time in the next few days getting sponsorship packets together for Team For My Father so they can go out and collect donations... Still no online donations though...... :( I have been too busy to get people to sponsor me.... More running tomorrow along with more updates....

Miles Logged
Today ---------3.6
This week ------3.6


I was holding my 2 year old daughter while checking my E-mail. She fell asleep while I was holding her. I looked at her and couldn't believe something that perfect could ever have come from me. I noticed she was holding on to her new favorite toy... a For My Father wrist band. (She loves to put it on her wrist and show it to people so I have explained your story to quite a few people.) I went to your page and decided to make a donation. I was once told by my father you should never be the first to arrive at a party and never be the last to leave, and you should never ever be both. But I think my dad would be ok with me being the first to make an online donation to such a great cause.
Your father's story is incredible and he reminds me a lot of my father. Some times people of younger generations can be so indifferent to the ideas and philysophies of older generations but the strength and fortitude that they had is some thing to learn from and try to emulate. It sounds to me like you are doing just that. Speaking from a father's perspective I can only hope that I can impact my children with as much positive influence as your father has obviously impacted on you.
Good luck with your running and I hope mine is the first of many, many donations.

-John from Don Pablos

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