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Crazy goals......can i really run that fast??????

The more I push my limits, the more mental strength I have to push even more. Today's run I managed to run almost a minute faster than the last time I ran 6 miles. I prob could have run faster.

When I start to feel the burn I hold the wristband in my hand and give it a little kiss.... lol.. Doing so gives me a little good luck. My average pace was 7:22 a mile today. Since I have been thinking a lot about breaking my records I wanted to put all my goals out there for the world to see. Each goal has a mile distance, a pace, and a time. I basically want to get as close to these as possible and break all of them by the time i run boston.......

26.2(The marathon)-------7:15 pace--------3 hours 10 minutes( to qualify for boston)
13----------------------7:00 pace--------1 hour 31 minutes
10----------------------6:45 pace--------67 minutes 30 seconds
6-----------------------6:30 pace--------39 minutes
3.6 (the original course)----6:15 pace--------22 minutes 30 seconds( this would be super fast for me)
basically if i want to run a 7:15 pace for a marathon, I better be able to run shorter distances faster.....lol.... lets see how close i can get before marathon time.....

Miles Logged
Today ---------6
This week ------16

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