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October 25, 2006

4 weeks to go

Did 3.6 on saturday and 10 miles on sunday. Personal record for a ten mile run at 1 hour 17 minutes. Looking at my training runs it really looks as if Ill run the marathon around a 7:45 pace with a total time of about 3 hours 20 minutes. If I can get close to this ill be happy. It will leave room for improvement before I qualify for the Boston Marathon.

I was a little worried because I didnt get a long run in last week, but I made up for it by setting the new record. This week I need to get out and do 18 miles, prob on thursday. Get a few short runs mixed in with some 6 mile runs and I'll be ready for the another week before i start resting up for the marathon.

Miles Logged
Today ---------10
This week ------10

October 16, 2006

Some running terms for the non runner

One of my sponsors suggested that I teach a little runner's lingo on this website. This information will be included on a blog category page by itself for future reference.

Pace : The average time per mile during a run. I am a recreational runner and I generally run between a 7-8 minute per mile pace. A competitive runner , like someone who will win the race in philly, will run a 5- 5:30 minute per mile pace. I will run a marathon in 3 hours 20 minutes and they will do it in 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Miles Logged
Today ---------3.6
This week ------3.6

October 15, 2006

13, 13 ,13

So on Friday I ran 13 miles not even realizing it was Friday the 13th....Good thing 13 has always been a lucky number for me. So I managed to maintain a nice 7:45 pace finishing a little after one hour and 40 minutes. My legs were really starting to tighten up by the end and my entire lower body is sore today. Sorry for such a short post but I am absolutely exhausted , I'll post again tomorrow.

Miles Logged
Today ---------13
This week ------22.6

October 12, 2006

First online donation received.....Thank You

6 miles logged today...Someone asked me ....Why did you run 6 miles today are you crazy? Most think that running such distances are crazy...But if you think about it, all I am doing is taking one step at a time.. One step at a time is not that hard...We can all take one step forward....I didnt run my first marathon by going out and running 26 miles.. I ran a mile then walked a little...and each time it got easier , so i ran further....One step at a time.....

Someone took a step today...We received our first online donation today and I will thank you personally right here...Thank you........With the bracelets out and about, people have to talk about the site and the cause...so many more bracelets to sell.......Well I must go get some rest...trying to run 13 miles in the morning........crazy

Miles Logged
Today ---------6
This week ------9.6

October 11, 2006

Crushing my records.......1 at a time

So I have been so busy lately I couldn't post until today. I went out yesterday and ran the course cutting 38 seconds off my record time. My brother made a comment to me today about how my goals are a little unrealistic......but that makes them more fun to obtain.....

I am spending some time in the next few days getting sponsorship packets together for Team For My Father so they can go out and collect donations... Still no online donations though...... :( I have been too busy to get people to sponsor me.... More running tomorrow along with more updates....

Miles Logged
Today ---------3.6
This week ------3.6

October 06, 2006

Story #1 The Strong One

IMG_1425Copying.jpg This is the last picture that I took of my father. He is standing with my brother and mother , on my brother's graduation day. We had to push him around in a wheelchair because he had gotten so weak. He did not let my mother know how sick he really was because he didn't want to miss my brother's graduation for anything....It just meant too much to him...That is how I always knew my father....The strong one..If there was a task at hand he would complete it no matter what obstacles were in his way........

Up until a month before this picture, I couldnt remember the last time my father said he was in pain. This picture was taken in May and my father worked full time up until April...He was 72 when he passed and he worked crazy hours for the majority of his life.....He always wanted to provide for his family..always going without so that his children could have.......He fought his battle to the very end, even after he had accepted his fate, because he wanted to take care of us all...............To Be Continued........

October 05, 2006

Crazy goals......can i really run that fast??????

The more I push my limits, the more mental strength I have to push even more. Today's run I managed to run almost a minute faster than the last time I ran 6 miles. I prob could have run faster.

When I start to feel the burn I hold the wristband in my hand and give it a little kiss.... lol.. Doing so gives me a little good luck. My average pace was 7:22 a mile today. Since I have been thinking a lot about breaking my records I wanted to put all my goals out there for the world to see. Each goal has a mile distance, a pace, and a time. I basically want to get as close to these as possible and break all of them by the time i run boston.......

26.2(The marathon)-------7:15 pace--------3 hours 10 minutes( to qualify for boston)
13----------------------7:00 pace--------1 hour 31 minutes
10----------------------6:45 pace--------67 minutes 30 seconds
6-----------------------6:30 pace--------39 minutes
3.6 (the original course)----6:15 pace--------22 minutes 30 seconds( this would be super fast for me)
basically if i want to run a 7:15 pace for a marathon, I better be able to run shorter distances faster.....lol.... lets see how close i can get before marathon time.....

Miles Logged
Today ---------6
This week ------16

October 04, 2006

Do you have a myspace, blog, or website????????????

Then please link to us......We can only raise money for cancer research if people know we exist...A new link to us page is up and running so simply copy the code you like and place it in your myspace, blog, or website... Thanks for all the help

October 03, 2006

Long run #1

So I woke up nice and early.. and started running around 9am....the sky was beautiful....a few small fluffy clouds to entertain me and lots of personal thoughts to keep me company....The first 5miles I walked just a little and did not stop at all the last five. Around mile 6 I was started to slow down a bit...cause this is the most distance I have covered in a long time.... I hit a straight away right next to a farm. The straight away ends with a slight hill that always takes a little out of me...I looked up and saw a funeral procession coming toward me....I started to run a little faster...

Running for me is nothing more than a mental battle.....I just have to find new ways to keep myself from stopping....Something will pop into my head and then the pain means nothing....I start to run faster...I am training less for this marathon than my first...but for some reason I feel really prepared....running is a little easier this time around....probably because I have better motivation.....

Miles Logged
Today ---------10
This week ------10