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New personal record

Friday before work I set out very determined. I was going to run my usual 3.6 course but I was going to crush my old record of 25:54......and you know what .....I did....running an average pace of 6:59 I finished at 25:37 a new personal record. That is one recommendation that I give to all the race runners to be... set resonable goals and make sure you meet them..

I am finding out how powerful the wristbands can be... Most of the people I work with and consider friends do not realize my father passed, let alone a few months ago..The bands are a chance to tell them...I might have kept everything hush , hush when it happened but I like telling the story now. Everytime I tell the story, my father's life is renewed within me....and that makes me happy.....

Miles Logged
Today ---------9.6
This week ------13.2

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