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Feels good to be back

So today i managed to get out and run 3.6 miles after dealing with a cold for a few days. It felt good. There is definitely a high you get when it is just you and the pavement. I managed to cut a minute and a half off my time from last week running at about a 7:45/mile pace. Legs felt good today and my bad ankle did not bother me a bit.
I have several jobs and I talk about my runs at all of them. I love getting people into the sport and I love running with new people. It helps keep things fresh in my mind and helps pass a little something off to the people that start running.
At work last week , I was telling a gentleman about the fact that I have 6 jobs and that my sixth job is running my own charity. He told me that even though he did not know me , he was still proud of me. This , I guess, is why I started this journey. To pass my father's story along gives this such purpose.
I was in Philly on Friday and had the opportunity to see The Lion King. "He lives in you, he lives in me." These song lyrics made me think of my father and I got a little choked up. My father is still alive in me and that makes my work all the more important.

Miles Logged
Today ---------3.6
This week ------3.6

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