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7 Weeks and counting

My original plan to run a long run was foiled by a little laziness and the fact that I have to work and will be on my feet for hours. I ended up running a good , hard 6 miles. I warmed up a little extra and headed out around 130. My average pace was 7:30 and ran the six in abou 44-45 minutes. I really didnt think i was going to be able to keep the pace for that long.... I did do a little walking but for the most part my pace was 730 or less... only on a couple of hills did i hit 8. My ankle felt pretty good throughout, but then again that could be the tylenol talking....

In other news......

I mass ordered more charity wristbands. This will allow me to get some people to sell them . The more people that have a band the more good we can do... Now that the donation page is up, we will soon be going into two big publicity pushes. Just about 7 weeks to go...........

Miles Logged
Today ---------6
This week ------9.6

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