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25 in 2

So yesterday due to some rain issues I decided to do a little crosstraining to pass the time. A little crosstraining will help prepare me to lift weights in a week or two. Today I went out to run the usual 3.6 miles and the sky was still very cloudy. It was beautiful. I could see the sun breaking through around mile 2 and by the end of the run I was running towards blue skies.

I started the run today a little fast because I am trying to speed up my pace little by little. The first mile I was running 6:15 then went down to around 7 for mile 2. By mile 3 I was running around an 8 until the last section where I sped up once again. All in all my average pace was 7:15, the pace I need to qualify for boston. I also ran 1 minute slower than my fastest time on the course. :)

25 in 2

So on Wed I received my first order of charity wrist bands. I ordered 25 not knowing how fast I would be able to sell them. By Thursday night I had sold all 25. I sold 25 bands in 2 days. It was great to see everyone at work support this project by wearing the bands. I really enjoyed telling the story of my father to each buyer. Each person had their own story to tell about how cancer has affected their life , through friend or family member. Some people have even shown interest in doing races or doing pr work for the organization and I love it. Everything is starting to fit right into place. Now lets see how long it takes me to sell 50.......

Besides training, I spend a lot of time getting the word out about For My Father. Between talking to people and exploring ways to maximize pr, I keep myself pretty busy. Thursday night something happened that made me excited, even though it really wasn't a big deal. I have been testing some search engines just to see if the site shows up. I tried Google last night and For My Father finally showed up. The easier the site is to find, the more people I can get involved.

Enough for this entry, time for some more pr.

Miles Logged
Today ---------3.6
This week ------7.2


My g/f had bought a band from you while she went out to eat one day. My family and I have just recently found out that my father has a type of small cell cancer and it's hard on all of us even though we try not to show it. I'm wearing the band now and i'll prob never take it off, i'm sure if you get more bands and sell them, other people won't take it off either

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